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Bitcoin Online Growth


It’s becoming well known we’re advocates of organic growth campaigns being in place for ICO’s and blockchain startups as soon as possible, but more often than not, SEO is completely overlooked due to it being a ‘long term’ growth strategy, in a short term focused industry.

‘We’re not interested in SEO, we launch our ICO in 2 months, it’s pointless.’

*searches their brand name on Google…nothing* I’ll give that ICO a miss.

We recently created a lengthy SEO article, why you should SEO your ICO in an attempt to educate and inform upcoming ICO’s on the benefits or organic growth as both a short and long term marketing strategy. Give it a read after this article has blown your mind.


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Bitcoin Search Volume

Our friends over at SEMRush have published one of the articles of the year already, comparing the direct relation between Bitcoins rapid price increase in 2017 with the search history for the term ‘Bitcoin’. The discovery? The charts match almost perfectly, better even than the biggest SEO advocates around (cough cough) could have predicted.


bitcoin price search


So what does this mean for your ICO, token or Coin? Well simply put, being prepared for search is as vital as your community and social efforts, but it goes way beyond just searches for your own brand name, this is not the basis of long term SEO, if anything that is the short term solution and can achieved quickly. Consider search visibility as a token/coin AND as a blockchain startup in your market sector, be that Automotive, Health or Finance, so your future business is prepared for digital success.


Ethereum Search Volume

What about other currencies, it’s not like Bitcoin is all that matters in this industry? Well Ethereum and it’s Ether token, more often than not the #2 cryptocurrency as rated by coin market cap, has a very similar graph to that of Bitcoin.


ethereum price chart


And finally…


Cryptocurrency Search Volume

With so many cryptocurrencies out there, it would be tough to understand exact search volume for them all (although we’re working on it) but SEMRush to the rescue once again, with search data for some more of the largest market cap tokens out there. It’s clear Ripple, Litecoin and IOTA have had significant interest on Search throughout 2017, it’s been a year of not only market growth, but organic growth as well.


cryptocurrency search volume

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