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Blockchain F1 – Cryptocurrency Motorsport Concepts


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It may be just a matter of time…until the world of Blockchain starts to take over sport sponsorship. We’ve already seen it with Arsenal football club and the US based blockchain technology CashBet and that is only the start of what is going to be come a very popular sign across sport. But what about one of the biggest most expensive sports on the planet? One that has not only struggled with sponsorship in recent years but is powered by new technology race by race. Is F1 the perfect partner for Blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrencies that are due to change the world? We think it’s more than likely.

Not only could blockchain F1 sponsorship change the sport for the better, but Blockchain technology could change Motorsport forever. Not may could doubt that F1 needs change and I genuinely believe something special can be achieved that not only makes the sport more affordable, a better platform for sponsor ROI but also for fan engagement, in ways that have never been seen before. Fanboost in Formula-E is nothing in comparison to what can be achieved…

Bitcoin F1 Sponsorship Concept

We teamed up with the guys are 3Dom Wraps and Sean Bull Designs to create a collection of unique Blockchain F1 livery design concepts, starting with 5 of the big guys, but we’re going to continue to create and design more of our favourites. One day, we could be seeing these for real. If you like these concepts, why not check out our other Altcoin F1 sponsorship concepts.

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We’re starting off with the biggest cryptocurrency going – Bitcoin.

bitcoin f1 concept


Ethereum F1 Concept

A favourite of ours and one of the most influential brands, if not the most influential, in the entire blockchain industry – Ethereum. If there was one piece of the technology we would want to see in F1 sponsorship it would be Ethereum and if there is one that’s most likely to be utilised to revolutionise the sport, it could well be them. Ethereum F1 sponsorship would be a game changer to the world of crypto.

ethereum f1 concept


F1 Ripple Concept

One of our favourite designs is for the controversial brand Ripple, with an awesome pattern combined with the black lower section seeming to change the shape of the car, not to mention the blue. With the backing that Ripple is getting from large corporations, they could the most likely to break into a sport such as F1, which would change little. Seeing decentralisation, something that goes against the history of F1, would be far more exciting not only for the sport but for the world of Blockchain.

ripple f1 concept


NEO F1 Sponsorship Concept

Hard to miss on an F1 grid, the NEO F1 livery design is better than the majority of F1 liveries in recent times. Seeing not only NEO but such an awesome design in the sport would genuinely be welcomed by fans. NEO are a serious player with some powerful technology behind them and could more than step into the world of F1, not just as a sponsor but as a technology provider, making them an easy choice for a Blockchain F1 livery design.

neo f1 concept


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Vertcoin F1 Concept

We chose to work on a Vertcoin F1 sponsorship concept for a very simple reason – it’s community owned and community driven. This is something so far from F1 that the two are unlikely to be paired in any way, except for one important factor, F1 fans. The dream of the fans to be be more involved, to have a say and to be cared about more, something that Vertcoin have achieved with a crytptocurrency that has the potential to be a game changer, or even a world changer.

vertcoin f1 concept

Are you part of an ICO and want to have your brand featured as part of our Blockchain F1 concept campaign? Simply get in touch with us on and we’ll work with you on getting you added with a design you can use for your own promotional and social content.