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Defining our offer as a unique understanding of consumers and investors

Our business is made up of talented thinkers who are able to drive pioneering ideas and grow successful businesses. As a group, we bolster the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and work together to provide a variety of media services, ranging from public relations and influencer marketing, to publishing and print distribution.

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Discovery & Insights

Our exceptional discovery and insights team deliver market leading data, utilised by global brands around the world, covering social media, community, press and online publications, giving our PR team the most powerful platform possible to build your Blockchain PR campaign. We reverse engineer successful ICO launches, alongside poor performing or failed launches, generating in-depth reports for our strategy team, used in collaboration with your in-house ICO team to create the best campaign for you and your token.

Market Report

Quantitative research – independent surveys carried out among more than 2,000 UK adults (consumers, investors and business people) to understand their sentiment towards key issues addressed by this tech and its service proposition.

Reports and infographics – the core findings of the quantitative research is packaged into insightful reports and infographics, which are written, designed and published by our partners at TPG but fully incorporating your brand and token.

Blockchain & Crypto Publications

Press releases – the quantitative research, which is positioned as the brands commissioned study, is delivered to journalists (international, national, local and blockchain trade) through a series of targeted press releases, highlighting the findings and including further qualitative insights from the brands management team. Further press releases are developed for significant milestones, business activity and funding rounds.

Blockchain Publications – Working with the right website publishers at the right time will be essential. Many of these brands come to Searched, but our effective relationship building, outreach and contact utilisation allows us access to many of the biggest influencers online.


Our PR team are highly experienced in working on ICO PR projects, gaining huge traction with international publications across the Blockchain industry. Publications include market leaders in tech to world leading news sources.

Profile Building & Reputation Management

Daily commentary – every day we react to pertinent and relevant industry news, offering the opinion of your brands management team towards breaking stories.

Leadership profiling – we do dedicated ICO PR activity around profiling your company’s CTO, his background, the entrepreneurial story behind the launch of the company, and his opinion on pertinent industry issues and how this technology stands to solve them.

Powering your Token

Testimonial marketing – case studies of consumers, businesses and charities that have used and benefited from this technology, would be shared with journalists as practical examples of the value of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Content marketing – further to the Crypto PR coverage secured via the above methods, this coverage and research is then packaged into a content market strategy.

HTML mailers – emails will be developed by our partners TPG to share important communications about your brand and token launch, its coverage, its service offering or its business activity with audiences determined by the client (investors, business people, consumers or charities). The databases the HTML mailers are distributed to can be owned by the brand or sourced/owned by TPG.


Our focus is on our clients businesses, future proofing them for short, medium and long term digital growth by building influential digital brands that dominate visibility and conversions in their markets.












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