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ICO Pitch Opportunities

Our partners host monthly investment pitch events for ICO’s and Blockchain projects seeking funding in key international locations including Singapore, Shanghai and London. Each ICO investment pitch will include a room of blockchain venture capitalists who have contributed over $100 million to blockchain projects.

Primarily hosted as networking dinners, a relaxed environment and atmosphere will be the perfect platform for your pitch to a known collection of ICO Funds, a mile away from expensive and over hyped ICO conferences.

Get in touch with our team to discuss pricing and opportunities for your project by completing our simple qualification form.

ICO Fund

Our partners are looking for the best quality investment opportunities for private sale and seed round requirements. With $millions already invested in major cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects already, your project could secure what’s required from these leading blockchain venture capital funds. In order to be considered by our team of lead qualifiers, we require each ICO project to submit an application request for our review. We’re backed by institutional grade investors, including direct partnerships with The Growth Stage.

Post ICO Treasury Management

Having cryptocurrency treasury management is often something overlooked by ICO’s and can result in a significant loss in value, particularly during a bear market. This reduction can lead to significant liquidity issues whilst incorrect use of crypto funds can have a catastrophic effect not only on your project but on the crypto market as a whole when considered as part of a wider industry concern.

Our partners provide unrivalled expertise in ICO treasury management and will become a vital member of your post ICO business. Contact us today to speak with an advisor and discuss your current situation whether you’re post raise or still in your ICO planning phase.


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