3Dom Wraps

Startup | Web Dev | SEO

The Brief


3Dom Wraps required 4 key areas of product development to create a market leading automotive customisation business, built around organic growth. The required elements were front end marketing website, car customisation directory, ecommerce store and automotive saas product, including full admin and business tools required to run the business.

3Dom Wraps was created by the team behind Searched, our own in house Startup and our flagship case study. This project encompasses what we’re about at Searched, demonstrating our start up credentials, our mistakes, our solutions and our growth accomplishments. We cover every category of our services portfolio in house and provide insights into our growth strategies, analytics, time scales and future goals.


Our Startup Journey

3Dom Wraps was created by our founder Adam Grist in 2014 as a lead generation and car customisation site for the automotive aftermarket and has gone on to become a market leader in organic search for all things Car Wraps.

With the support of the Searched team, 3Dom Wraps 2.0 launched on WordPress in May of 2017, having been in development over a 3 month period, including migrating of content from the old Umbraco website.


Tech we used

We have used every tool at our disposal throughout the build and creation of 3Dom Wraps, these are simply the ones we have used most.

The website and Technology

We built the original website on the Umbraco platform, providing us with unlimited customisation and scalability options. The right plan for us at the time, limited us 12 months down the line when costs were soaring for Umbraco developers and our own in house team has  naturally grown towards WordPress and Drupal.

The scale of the site had grown so much, we had to carefully consider how we would rebuild in the most effective way now and for the future, build quickly and cost effective and use purely in house resources at Searched to get it done. We broke the site down into its requirements both existing and new.

We now have a brand new site, newly optimised for search, efficiently transitioned with the appropriate considerations and techniques taken into account and implemented before the move was actioned and healthy signals from webmaster tools to provide peace of mind that our ranks were safe.

Front End

Front end marketing and lead generation, targeting users requiring automotive services, eCommerce store sales and suppliers to sign up for our leads and saas product. Each aspect of the site needed to be considered in its own right to determine how it should be built and what platform it should be built on, with each option coming with its unique set of pros of cons. Our own experience quickly highlighted the right path to take.

The Client

  • One of the reasons for the rise and growth of the Searched team and brand has been due to my own experiences of creating and running a startup with 3Dom Wraps. The lessons learnt over the first 2 years have been invaluable to both the 3Dom brand and for our Searched clients, from securing investment and maintaining strong investor relations through to making decisions on our platform that required quicker organic growth than we could sustain. We now have an exceptional product with incredible organic growth and the real world knowledge to apply to our partners businesses.

    Adam Grist 3Dom Wraps & Searched Creator


Having invested heavily, both in terms of man hours and budget, on the organic growth of the 3Dom Wraps brand, we could not risk any of that for the sake of launching a new website. The goal of the new site was after all to take the company to the next level, to dominate the customisation industry worldwide and therefore we needed experience, trust and expert knowledge throughout the build and transition process. We knew we had this in house at Searched.

The growth of 3Dom Wraps in search was steady, with significant traffic increases over the past 18 months, following our predicted trends across this time and reaching our traffic goals as of the start of 2017. The market is certainly seasonal, something taken for granted in the first few months of the site launch but something we now thrive on in terms of content creation, delivery and preparation. Nothing focuses the mind like known busy periods on the horizon.

This is tangible, real world start up wins, losses, successes and failures, the financial impacts, the investor relations and staff hiring, team building and morale boosting – if you’ve been through it, we probably have too and if you are yet to experience it, we can certainly help guide you.