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The Brief


Bodymould mattresses offer a wide selection of high quality memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers, going against the grain when compared to the recent boom of mattress start ups who offer a ‘1 mattress suits all’ model. Bodymould needed a website that would simplify the buying process and perform better for SEO and PPC as part of a 12 month growth strategy to support the launch of their future products.


User Journey

We chose WordPress and Woocommerce and the platform of choice in order to meet the budget requirements and to get the site online as quickly as possible. Making use of the standard woocommerce was not going to suit the user journey that we had identified to be the most effective for selling mattresses, so we created custom functionality on top of WordPress.

By taking the user through a buying journey, rather than leaving them to scroll through 100 mattress and topper products without being able to identify what best suits them, we believe the customer will find what they want quicker, which in turn should result in more conversions.

Mattress Buying

Tech we used

Our priority for Bodymould was to see organic growth and reduce the cost per conversion across organic and pay per click channels.
In order to achieve this, we have used every tool we have available to us for optimisation, understanding the market and tracking growth.

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The website and Technology

Front End

The design of Bodymould mattresses is more evolution than revolution, keeping their brand colours and corporate image similar to their old website, but incorporating some upgraded imagery and of course the fully responsive website that had been lacking before. The new buying method has completely changed the way a customer can find and purchase a mattress, moving on from huge category pages of old to focus on each customers requirements through the use of smart filters.


The biggest hurdle to overcome was actually the imagery for the products, with the client lacking in available content, which will always affect the purchasing decision of the user. As a result we put our heads together to create a small collection of 3D renders to bring some ‘lifestyle’ content to the brand and product range, with a significant improvement in sales as a result.

Back End

The client is running a busy mattress company and as a result they needed both WordPress and Woo-commerce to accommodate their requirements rather than changing their routine to suit the off the shelf style of Woo-commerce in particular. Creating some custom plugins and using some premium solutions we were able to create a admin eCommerce platform that suits their exact needs and reduced the time required for staff to get up and running.

The Client

  • The guys at Searched could not do more for us, always on hand to discuss the project and too look and new segments as we come up with them. We have seen a definite uplift with the new website, with both Organic and PPC conversions increasing with a reduced cost per acquisition. We couldn't be happier and look forward to the next phase of our campaign.

    Martyn Flack Director


Having invested heavily in the past, and then again on their new platform with Searched, Bodymould were looking for results as soon as possible. With so many redirects in places from a large old website, the new domain began to show healthy signs within the first 4 weeks, even with such wholesale changes to the technical setup of the site.

The first 4 months of the new website and new SEO and PPC campaigns, the site is showing month on month growth, with our 12 month targets in sight.

Working with an agency that’s committed to your company success is essential for any SME looking at a new website to lead the growth of the business. Failure to do so can result in significant investment being lost and growth being stunted. Build right, build once.