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The Brief


Humanutopia have been doing incredible workshops in schools across the UK for over 15 years, but were not getting the visibility online that their work deserved. Their existing 1 page website was not fit for purpose and they wanted to expand into new markets, such as corporate workshops and international projects.



Using WordPress was an easy decision, having discussed the budget, requirements and maintenance potential within the HU team. Scaling a website rapidly is no easy task, but using WordPress this can be managed easier, with a small learning curve for in house HU staff to jump on board with the content creation from day one.


Tech we used

Understanding every clients market is essential and for Humanutopia we were able to identify targets early and build for these from the ground up, saving time and budget.


Competitor Analysis

Our analysis of leading school workshop teams across the UK enabled us to identify a serious lack of quality on digital marketing throughout the industry, leaving a very possible route to significant market visibility for the HU website. Gathering competitor terms was straightforward with targets being very niche within the market and it was clear that securing high value terms would be essential for growth of the HU brand.

Content Marketing

With such a big team doing amazing work across the country, it was going be vital that everyone contribute to the site content, creating engaging pieces and taking the site forward as a brand, with a clear identity on how it works, what their missions is and who is involved. So far this is working well, with the team also branching out into email marketing campaigns, with newsletter content created on the site. Graham Moore, the Founder of Humanutopia is consistently creating powerful content, such as his pieces on Motivation in Schools and his unique views on Pedagogical Approach.

The Client

  • The team at Searched took over our digital strategy and completely transformed what we had, whilst educating us through the processes involved and what to to come, including what would be required of us. This has been invaluable to the business and the website is now our leading source of business leads.

    Graham Moore Founder
hu analytics


By targeting ‘quick win’ keywords through market and competitor research, we were able to increase their online visibility from the first week of the site launch. 27% visibility for our tracked keywords relates to organic rank positions, monthly search numbers and monthly impressions in SERP.

The result of increased SERP visibility is directly reflected in the traffic arriving on site on a weekly basis. (ex school holidays).

The website now comfortably receives 120 unique users a day, up from 6 on day of launch. This has lead to 80 leads at an average quote value of £2000 for Humanutopia. An increase in sales saw the client see an ROI within 2 months.

Organic traffic is the leading source of traffic, more than double that of direct traffic from PR activities. The quality of the targeted organic traffic is identifiable by the lowest bounce rate of any traffic source for the Humanutopia website.