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Post ICO Marketing

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Your successful ICO is only the beginning of your Blockchain startup journey and we’re here to tell your story, implement long term growth strategies and take the value you created throughout your token sale, through to market. Our extensive resources across PR, SEO, Influencer Marketing and community growth hacking, make us a go to agency across the Blockchain sphere.


It’s natural for some promotional downtime after a successful token sale, to take stock and plan for the future. Post ICO PR will kick in soon after to take your Blockchain business to market as your team develops and ICO agencies move on. Our team and partners are perfectly positioned to take on PR at this stage, with extensive expertise in Blockchain and large resources to cope with the demands of going to market. From large PR teams to TV, radio and podcast studios all in house, backed up by influential consultants and global brand experience.

If you’ve successfully completed your ICO, our team are market leaders in continuing your Post ICO PR campaigns.

SEO for post ICO

We publicly promote the value of SEO in Blockchain, particularly as part of the ICO stage of a project, with the majority of project continuing without much insight at all into the value of SEO as part of long term growth. ICO thinking is very short term. Now in your Post ICO phase, long term growth is very real, cannot be ignored and will become an essential part of every Blockchain startup – fact. With many ICO marketing advisers unqualified to provide marketing guidance, 99% of ICO projects have made critical errors with their content marketing efforts, giving all their value away to Medium. We’re here to bring back ownership of your content, optimise and bring lasting long term digital growth for you, your investors and your business.

Content Marketing post ICO

So you’ve just completed your token sale successfully and have posted the results and next phases to Medium. This should be the last time you post directly to another platform. Content marketing makes up part of long term growth strategies for the benefit of the business and your investors, meaning you must own your own content. Your ICO advisors set you up on Medium, but it’s done it job now. We’ll support the moving of your content marketing on to your own site and begin increasing your brand and content visibility online.

Post ICO Website Design

The difference between an ICO ‘landing page’ and a post ICO website should be significant – to go from a token sale to a business. Scaling your blockchain business online will require a carefully planned strategy, ensuring efficient growth through value sales and product pages through to a highly structured blog and article segment. This goes hand in hand with the SEO and growth plan of the business and should be created by marketing rather than dev teams. We’re here to provide development and marketing services in one or consulting to existing dev teams.


Keyword Research

Vital for any content marketing strategy and post ICO SEO services, the keyword research will power the direction of your growth.
Unlikely to be in place with your existing ICO landing page, industry related keywords will be the foundation of content scaling and site restructuring, ensuring that every aspect of the website SEO strategy is efficient and highly effective. Keyword research should also provide the PR teams with related terms and synonyms to improve article and story quality.


Competitor Research

The majority of Blockchain startups are entering existing markets, be that on a platform, protocol or technology level such as AI or privacy or on an industry level such as tourism, music and esports. What does this mean for your business? Simply put, there are significant competitors, with large marketing budgets and powerful content and SEO marketing strategies already in place, with a market share that you need a piece of.

We dig into these brands as online businesses and plan for a David vs Goliath approach, identifying routes and channels of potential success.


Our focus is on our clients businesses, future proofing them for short, medium and long term digital growth by building influential digital brands that dominate visibility and conversions in their markets.












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