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It was time for a re-brand


2017, new year, new brand. It’s stereotypical to re-launch as part of a new year plan, but it actually landed naturally for us and as it turned out, Feb 7th is the day we officially change the name of our digital growth agency from Capsicum Technologies to Searched. Along with the name change comes a re-focus on who we are, what we do and most importantly, why we do it. With help of the amazing Kiwi Gray team, we were able to extract the deep rooted emotional connection to our work, goals and previous decisions…not an easy task for a group of guys.

Capsicum Technologies was started 3 years ago by Adam Grist from Ads Motorsport & Rupert Swallow from Panthera, as a company that would enable us to create and develop technology focused start ups and provide tech consultation to the Capsicum LLP business interests. This has lead to the creation of our fantastic start up 3Dom Wraps along with the growth of the digital marketing agency that has seen us work with wonderful people across many tech sectors.

What has been missing is our agency identity, our reason for being.



At the end of 2016 we landed on our new name – Searched – and set about creating a brand centered around us. And here we are.


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