Scaling the biggest crypto tax platform with SEO

Impending tax season lead to rapid SEO development for TokenTax.

The TokenTax Brief

The guys are TokenTax came to Searched following a client referral. New York once again putting their faith in London SEO expertise. With tax season on the horizon, the brief was quite clear, increase visibility as a crypto tax software solution. Leave it with us.

Technical SEO

Resolving some of the basic technical SEO headaches, from indexing issues to missing page titles, was going to be the starting point with the opportunity for quick wins – easy jobs, good results. Crack on.

Keyword Research

Crypto tax was providing a broad topic to our potential strategies so fully understanding the scope, utilising our knowledge from BlockFi, would enable us to let the data do the talking. Research.

Site Structure

No present structure, just a homepage. TokenTax was almost a blank sheet when it came to developing  structure and we intended to get some quick wins from the structural ideas we had. Build up.


Growing content for the right reasons, not content for contents sake, is something that is vitally important for clients to understand. Breaking down the content element of the strategy makes the goal simple. Content to win.

Crypto tax there for the taking, who would move first?
Could TokenTax become the market leader for just 3 months SEO budget?
TokenTax to win!

When we first looked at TokenTax it was just a couple of pages and things didn’t seem to be that bright for them as an SEO, content lead brand. It seemed a lot of work with a low budget. But the team were up for the fight.

We were surprised how up for it the founding team were, listening to all advice, jumping in and making changes while we guided them through it. It was an instant collaborative effort.

Things went well from thre.

Who needs crypto tax help? Traders. Meaning? Target exchanges.

When a project has a clear easy win on a large scale, ie a strategy presents itself immediately to the SEO team but a fair amount of work will be needed to achieve it, you know that things are going to win. It’s a bit of dream start for the SEO. TokenTax had just that, with Exchanges.

Crypto Exchanges;

(n) [meaning? ]

From a single home page to creating a way to target searches for all the major crypto exchanges, took just one week to get in motion. The content would take time, but the processes, quality standards and keyword targeting was laid out early. All the team had to do was follow it through as quickly as possible, and they did. Winning.

Website structure;

(n) [ which is..? ]

We didn’t want the exchange content to be lost in a blog, a bunch of random posts with poor urls and no clear navigation journey for a user or for Google. So we set them up as pages, at root level and linked from the homepage. As more were created, we created an exchanges hub page. The ultimate collection of exchange based tax advice. Built the masterpiece.

Blog and they will come;

(n) [the easy bit? ]

Although the team were desperate for a blog from the outset, and one didn’t exist outside of Medium (bad idea!), we held off due to lack of dev resources, and the exchanges were the priority. Then it was time. Build the blog, bring knowledge to users and they will come, often more than once and often buying from you. Deploy.

Initial Results

Death by Javascript. Life by server-side rendering.

Amazingly the early days of the crypto boom was full of websites that could not be indexed by google due to shocking dev quality of React based websites, it was a pandemic in it’s own right. TokenTax had not escaped and their site was causing really poor indexing with Google. Google was not a fan.

Bringing our experienced React devs to the table to explain the SEO processes meant some education for the TokenTax team that was really well received and was implemented within 2-3 days. With some manual pushing with Search Console, the changes were quick to get picked up and immediately put the SEO on to a journey of growth.

We reworked the basics, put in some of our keyword targeting, got a features page built, cleaned up and increased the copy – all in a matter of a few days from starting. We just want to get results and drive and ROI asap for out clients.

9x search visibility in the first month. This was a product people wanted, which helps!

Wider SEO impact

600% increase in traffic in the first 2.5 months from organic sources alone.

So how did we make the exchanges strategy work?

The data was telling us that the majority of searches for ‘crypto tax’ actually included an exchange within the search, such as ‘binance taxes’ or ‘paying coinbase tax’ and with so many exchanges, we could see the benefits of taking this route.

But wait, a blog isn’t right for this. A blog is great for education pieces, and if we were to write about binance tax on Searched, we would do a blog for sure, because we have nothing to sell, just education to give. But with TokenTax we had some education to give, with a product to give to make it even better. This should be a sales page, as clear as day.

Creating a page template to educate and sell, with a layout and optimisation Google would approve of, full of well written copy and some media and call to actions to convert, would result in winning pages. As the pages were created, we needed one final implementation – internal links.

The site was just one page when we started, a homepage. So all the link value and domain value was there, right at home. We added an exchange links section, from their logos, for the 12 biggest exchanges by search volume. We then used the exchange pages themselves to link around and provide links to those not on the homepage.

The results were striking.

700% increase in conversions from search traffic in the FIRST MONTH.

We approached Searched right before a busy tax season in order to boost SEO efforts, the results came through thick and fast. The team were really happy with the results overall!” – Alex Miles, CEO TokenTax

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