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Webflow is a leading CMS, no code platform and web development technology, which needs careful SEO integration to get ultimate performance for your brand.

Webflow developers and search engine marketing experts

With over 30 years of combined SEO expertise, Searched is an independent search agency based out of London. With extensive development expertise with Webflow, we know how to grow businesses online with this dynamic platform. We make the complex simple as both marketers and developers.


(n) [ what does this have to do with SEO? ]

Webflow uses these standard code practices, but makes them visual for simple integration.

Page Title;

(n) [ We all know what a title is… ]

This is not the title at the top of the page, but the title for the browser window and your search listing.

Internal Links;

(n) [ Like a vein? ]

A planned structure that educates and guides users and crawlers through the content of your Webflow website.

Does your Webflow SEO need new structure to bring in more business?
Are you looking for detailed and experienced support with organic growth of your Webflow website?
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Your website will require visibility online, via the likes of Google, in order to bring in users and customers to your business. Visibility comes when your brand is surfaced cross search results for the thousands of different search terms any potential customer may use.

Visibility in search leads to sustainable growth, return custom and predictable forecasting. When quality content is earning substantial ranks, your business can continue to grow without relying on paid media spend.

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Harvex, a Webflow SEO client, with their growth visualised in 3D.

Foundation Building – Webflow structure

Webflow developers with extensive SEO experience.

The most effective SEO solutions really start with the technical structure of the website. Webflow SEO can be made more effective with targeted planning from the outset, including what collections to use and how, what pages to use and how and the funnel and silos of the various categories that may need to exist for your business.

Webflow is a great tool for single page websites, but this will be extremely limiting to the online growth of your business. Webflow will need to be pushed to it’s limits to really benefit your business for SEO.

As Webflow developers, we know the limitations of the platform and we know how to structure your business from a blank page to a site with thousands of pages, saving you budget for development costs for years to come. Even a complete restyle of your Webflow website would still suite your implemented Webflow SEO structure./span>

Trust in knowledge of the web.

SEO Research – What are you and what to they want?

Who are we and who are they?

Before getting deep into your SEO on site, significant research is needed to understand what your growth looks like, what it actually is and what it is you’re trying to achieve. We become part of your team to help you identify exact where we need to grow and why, making it simple for everyone to understand before we start with strategies.

Our new direction will help formulate an approach to keyword research that will be integrated across the website and ultimately decide the structure of the entire Webflow SEO campaign and website.

We position ourselves as potential customers and combine this with professional keyword tools to build out powerful data driven research, a process which will remain fluid and ongoing throughout your growth as an online businesses to keep up with trends and changing consumer behaviours.

Your industry expertise and our SEO expertise combine to build unbeatable strategies, that’s how SEO works.

Knowledge is power, no more so than in seo. 

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Our 3D statistics can also be viewed using augmented reality, why not give it a go on your phone, tap the AR icon and share what you create.

Cannonical Tag;

(n) [ Nope can’t even say it ]

A markup on a web page that tells search engines that there is an original source for the content, to prevent duplicate content penalties for your website.

Duplicate Content;

(n) [ That’s so obvious ]

Does what it says on the tin but even the smallest amount of content can be construed as duplicate because the likes of Google want each page to be unique and valuable in their own right.

Latent Semantic Indexing;

(n) [ WTF…seriously? ]

Ok so this is an overly complicated way of saying does the text on the page seem to support it’s reason for existing. ie does this SEO page contains words that relate to SEO or is it rubbish?

The Webflow SEO Strategy – where the magic happens

Ok it’s not magic, it’s just very very smart website building.

Webflow can be so quick to build with that without a clear strategy, things can get a little messy just as quickly. We’re strict on ensuring that everything on a website has a reason and is as streamlined as possible.

If your site already exists, we will audit and plan how best to proceed to increase organic performance online, while a new site can have a tight structure in place from the outset, which is always an exciting process to carry out.

Your SEO strategy will then scale significantly to include content targets, content calendars, technical and performance goals and ongoing competitor research.

Use your data and research for a plan.

Content Marketing – your expertise, in content

You can’t get searched if there’s nothing to discover…

Content marketing is so powerful and is really the backbone of any SEO strategy. It’s quite a simple concept too, where your industry knowledge and expertise is wanted by two very powerful individuals – Google & your potential customers.

Done right, it will power you to massive online success. Done wrong, and it can just be an expensive waste of time.

So you’re perfectly placed to educate, show authority, enlighten and entertain your prosptective customers and if you do so, Google will love you for it, especially with a sexy Webflow website. Take ownership of your creative forces by ensuring you host it all on your website and avoid giving it away to power other platforms (yes like Medium).

Get your knowledge and expertise noticed.

1 in 4 of 16-24 year olds use voice search. Chatty.

No Follow;

(n) [ ye, stalker ]

Just telling a crawler from a search engine to not follow this particular links because it’s not really very important or relevant.


(n) [ Robots are taking over! ]

A really useful file that your web developer and SEO should be using to make sure that search engines view your website correctly.


(n) [ Pardon you… ]

Search engine results page, so literally the page that you see from your website when you do a Google search, that’s a SERP.

50% of all searches on search engines will be voice activated by 2020. Voices.

Outreach – the backlinks!

Make your content link worthy.

there is not really a way of suggesting this is Webflow SEO specific, it’s really not, except making sure backlinks are coming in to the right url ie the one you have set as default within your Hosting settings, be that www or no-www.

Backlinks are still important for organic growth, when combined with all other aspects of strong SEO. We’re big believers in the power of structure and internal linking, but quality content gets shared and linked to, it’s a massive indicator of what’s relevant to search engines.

We help you get creative with outreach and ensure your content is engaging, informative and beautifully presented that it can’t help but rank well.

Push out your knowledge to your audiences.

SEO Maintenance – work, work, work

There’s no golden nugget to winning.

Sites that are growing, with the wonderful content we’re creating together, need looking after. Structures begin to wane and drift without the care and upkeep that a proper SEO strategy ensures. Websites are never finished, especially on Webflow where change is easy.

Those competitors or brands who clearly dominate online are also demonstrating the level of work and expertise required to do so. It’s almost always at least 3 areas of expertise combining for high powered growth – experts in the related topic (this is you btw), experts in SEO (yep that’s us) and often not considered, experts in web development (a bit embarrassing, also us).

Ongoing. Consistent. Valuable.

58% of consumers use voice search to find local businesses. Neighbours.

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